Speak or Talk?

07-08-2013 | 10236 lượt xem
Well, these two words basically mean the same thing. However, there is a difference in the way we USE these words.
Hi there,

Do you know what's the difference between "speak" and "talk"? 

Well, these two words basically mean the same thing:
"To use your voice to say something, or to have a conversation with someone." 

For example:

  • I would like to speak to you about your idea.
  • I would like to talk to you about your idea.
These two sentences basically mean the same. 

However, there is a difference in the way we USE these words. 

Here are the main differences:

1) If we use "speak," it means that someones says something. It doesn't necessarily mean that he is heard orunderstood.

In other words, it means the speaker gets the message out, it doesn't say anything about the recipient point.

For example:

  • What language are they speaking? I can't understand a word!
  • Jonathan will speak to him, but I don't think he will listen.
  • The teacher is speaking and the students are taking notes.

2) If we use "talk," it is understood that there is a listener who understands what is said. And often both people do some speaking. In other words, there is a conversation.

For example:

  • Can we talk now?
  • Tom and Joe love to talk about football.
  • They talked a lot about what happened.

3) "Talk" tends to be a bit more usual, and "speak" tends to be a bit more formal.
For example:

  • Hello, may I speak to Catherine?
  • Hi, can you talk?
4) If you want to say that someone is able to use a particular language, use "speak." 

For example:

  • I can't speak Japanese.
  • They speak Italian.
Now, here are some more examples with these two words: 


  • Could you speak a bit faster?
  • I've decided never to speak to him again.
  • She will not speak to the press.
  • Can I speak with him alone?
  • He has lost his voice and now he can't speak.


  • We talked on the phone for quite some time.
  • She never stops talking.
  • Who is he talking to?
  • talked with his parents.
  • He is talking about leaving his job.
  • We need to talk.

Now, how well can YOU speak English?
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